Patch v8.30 is just around the corner and it will bring a huge change to how Fortnite is played. No, not a revert…we’re talking respawns. Fortnite will never be the same.

We mean that in a good way. Respawns have become quite poplular in other Battle Royale titles due to their effectiveness in cutting out some frustrating aspects of BR gameplay.

For example, we’ve all landed in a named location…just to have the RNG go to town on us. We get no gun while the person in the next room grabs a pump shotgun, SMG, and a few Clingers.

Respawns allow the developers to mitigate this ‘landing RNG’ by allowing teammates to bring you back into the fight. It also helps with groups playing together to keep the dead teammates more engaged in the action.

The in-game news menu for Fortnite has been updated with a new image and description of the Vans.

Reboot Van for Fortnite – via FortniteInsider

The description for the new addition reads “Revive eliminated squadmates at a Reboot Van.” Simple and straight to the point.

Epic Games released a short video explaining how the ‘Reboot Vans’, as they are called, will work.

Fortnite Community Manager Nathan Mooney goes through the basics of how the Vans will work.

The mechanics are quite simple and easy to pick up.

New Reboot Vans will be located at named locations and other PoIs around the Fortnite map. They are instantly recognizable by their unique appearance.

When players die, they will now drop a ‘Reboot Card’ into their loot pile. This can be picked up by teammates and hand-delivered to a Reboot Van.

Image of the incoming Reboot Van in patch v8.30 – via Reddit

Players, from what we can tell, can carry several Reboot Cards at the same time. This is very similar to Apex Legends’ way for dealing with Battle Royale respawns.

The Reboot Van will be activated by the player carrying the Reboot Card. The Van will then send out a visual and audio cue to all nearby players, informing them that a team is attempting to recover a lost teammate.

Once the process is completed, the Reboot Van will enter a cooldown period. During this time, the Reboot Van cannot be used again by any team. Players who are respawned with the Reboot Van will not have any weapons/items on re-entry.

The cooldown and warning cues seek to balance the respawns out and give players some challenges. It should prove to be quite the popular feature among both competitive and casual players.

It will definitely shake the gameplay right down to the core. It is a big change, but we believe it will be a solid win for Epic Games. One that they sorely need with all the negative coverage they’ve received due to questionable decision-making for both casual and competitive players.

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  2. Why, fortnite doesn’t need respawn anymore. If siphoning was still in the game then I would agree with this adetion. Poeple don’t thirst anymore, only the team who lives and can help knocked teammates. This is making bots more bot. They will flee the fight and return just for the revert card.


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