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How Fortnite helped Ninja get on the TIME 100 ‘most influential people’ list



It’s no secret that Ninja is quite the popular streamer. Now, his fame and influence have even been recognized by TIME Magazine.

Ninja has been around the gaming scene for a long time. He began his career as a pro gamer competing in the Halo titles, getting his highest competitive placements in Halo Reach.

Later, as Battle Royale games picked up steam, he quit Halo to focus on streaming and demolishing opponents in H1Z1, PUBG, and then Fortnite.

As Fortnite’s popularity sky-rocketed, so did Ninja’s. He quickly became the biggest streamer on Twitch with a massive following of new and old fans.

Ninja receives spot on TIME Top 100 List

Ninja plays Fortnite nearly everyday on his stream

TIME Magazine is a long running publication that puts out the rather prestigious “Top 100 Most Influential People” list every year.

The list takes into account all factors including fanbase, actions taken by the person, infamy/fame, and their general reach within the world.

This year, Ninja received a spot on the list. Quite the rise from struggling Halo competitor to the TIME’s Top 100.

The TIME 100 list is split into five different categories: Pioneers, Artists, Leaders, Icons, and Titans. Each category is attributed to a different type of influence held by the people on the list.

How Fortnite Helped Ninja Achieve This Goal

Ninja criticizes Fortnite when he feels it necessary

It’s no simple feat to get on the TIME 100 list. You have to do a lot of good (or a lot of bad) in order to receive a spot on the list.

Ninja’s influence and popularity, thankfully, has been positive and deserved. The player is passionate, cares deeply about his fanbase, and voices his opinions without pause on Fortnite and other games.

Ninja’s work with big companies and pop culture stars has helped legitimize gaming and eSports in the mainstream. News broadcasts no longer treat gaming as a kids hobby, but rather as a legit interest of millions of people.

JuJu Smith-Schuster, wide receiver for the Steelers and life-long gamer, had a few words to solidify Ninja’s place in the TIME 100 list.

“I’ve been a huge video-game fanatic my whole life. But people have seen it as childish and a waste of time. Ninja was huge in building up the credibility of e-sports. At the end of the day, Ninja is an absolute legend, and someone to whom we owe a lot for making gaming what it is today.”

Fortnite’s popularity helped catapult Ninja from a decently popular streamer to the world’s face of Twitch (though a certain Doctor may disagree about who holds that title).

Fortnite and its explosive rise gave Ninja the opportunity to create a community based around the game. With smart business decisions and a winning personality, Ninja managed to forge a path to greatness.

You’ve also got to give Epic Games a ton of credit for working with Ninja to help grow both their brands.

Ninja isn’t a streamer that simply smiles and accepts everything to do with Fortnite. He actively criticizes the game when logical, but Epic Games still continues to work alongside him.


Clix signs with NRG Fortnite

NRG Signs Cody ‘Clix’ Conrod to their Fortnite roster.



This past week, speculation has been swirling about where one of the hottest names in Fortnite will land. Cody ‘Clix’ Conrod has been teasing an organization announcement for the better part of the last fortnight (pun intended). He even trolled everyone with a “Joined FaZe Clan” tweet that fooled some members of the community.

On July 1, NRG announced that Clix would be the newest member of their Fortnite roster. The 15-year-old pro has already racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars playing Fortnite, qualifying for the World Cup a whopping five times.

This signing comes after the high-profile acquisition of fellow Fortnite pro, UnknownxArmy. NRG is clearly dedicated to the future of competitive Fortnite, with one of the most talented rosters in the game. Clix joins the likes of Zayt, Edgey, Unknown, EpicWhale, and BenjyFishy on the official NRG Fortnite roster.

The future is bright for this young pro, both in Fortnite and in gaming. NRG sured-up an already stacked Fortnite roster and looks to solidify their position at the top of Fortnite esports. Clix is completing a 24-hour stream for his organization announcement, which you can watch here.

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Patch Notes

Epic reduce Choppa spawn rates in competitive Fortnite

Epic are responding to one of the biggest problem in competitive Fortnite: helicopters.



Epic seem to be taking the competitive Fortnite scene a lot more seriously in Fortnite Chapter 2. Chapter 1 was plagued with meddlesome items and vehicles like the Junk Rift, BRUTE, Baller, and X-4 Stormwing. In Chapter 2, they simplified the loot pool, added an “evaluation period” to new items, and made adjustments where they needed to.

Helicopters were left out of competitive modes in Fortnite Season 2. A lot of players wondered why that was – it seemed like a balanced vehicle. Well, in Chapter 2 Season 3, we saw the problem that Epic were avoiding.

Pro scrimmages and high-level Arena matches were immediately dominated by helicopters. You’d see four or more Choppas in the sky as the zones closed, all ignoring one another in pursuit of higher placements. It seemed like we were entering Baller and plane territory with the Choppa.

On June 26, Epic released a hotfix to Fortnite that reduced the spawn rate of helicopters in competitive modes. This might not eliminate the problem, but it will lower the frequency of the issue.

The one question that we have is: are these helicopter spawn locations static or did Epic nerf the spawn rate, only. If the latter is true, then players will have to roll the dice with their drop spot. The Authority may or may not have a helicopter, for instance.

While this hotfix might be a bandaid on a bigger issue, it shows that Epic are listening to their competitive community and taking action when they need to. It’s a far cry from Season X where they left the BRUTE in competitive modes, unchecked, for weeks.

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Epic Games respond to claims that they failed to pay Fortnite pros

Epic Games has contacted us with an official response to claims that they failed to pay some Fortnite pro players.



Yesterday, we covered a story about pro players and content creators calling out Epic Games for failing to pay them their tournament winnings and Support-A-Creator earnings. You can take a look at the original story here.

On June 25, Epic Games reached out to us with a statement on the issue, clarifying why some of the prize money and Creator Code earnings have been held up. Below is the official statement from Epic Games on the matter.

Via: Epic Games

Epic Games’ official response to FortniteINTEL

“Recently, we experienced delays to Competitive prizes due to two separate issues. The first issue was related to our DreamHack Anaheim event. Here, we encountered delays due to additional California state tax withholding that required manual processing of payments outside of our Hyperwallet payment system. All prizes for DreamHack Anaheim have been sent directly to player bank accounts. These prizes should be deposited in the respective winners accounts in the next few days. We apologize for the delay.

The second issue was related to overpayments for some prize winners of online cups due to a clerical error and required manual correction. Now that we have sorted out the overpayment issues, we are back on track to process prizes in a more timely manner.

Regarding Support-A-Creator payouts, there are two issues at play. The first relates to us running into obstacles as we transition to a new payment system, including bugs and delays. We appreciate Creators who have been patient as we make this transition and resolve those issues. Creators who are encountering issues should watch our Hyperwallet Account Activation tutorial or reach out to Support-A-Creator Player Support for assistance.

The second issue involves creators who have violated the terms of the Support-A-Creator program by scamming or defrauding players. Typically these individuals create social media material that falsely promises special benefits to players relating to a specific Support-A-Creator code. The players use the code but never receive the special benefits they were promised. When these accounts are detected or reported, we remove these creators from the program and do not pay out their fraudulent accounts. We take these violations seriously, and are looking at additional measures to prevent bad actors from abusing the program, up to and including potential legal action.”

There should be a more detailed blog post from Epic Games on the topic within the hour, giving more information on all of these issues. We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.

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