Fortnite players are being asked to deal any damage to players with an exploding gas pump, and it’s actually pretty easy to do if you use this method.

The Dockyard Deal challenges are live and while most of them are pretty straightforward, one requires players to damage another player with an exploding gas pump.

On paper, that doesn’t sound too difficult, but then you realize you’ll need a lot of things to go right if you’re going to pull this off, mainly, you’re going to need players to be taking a fight by a gas pump.

There are lots of new things in Chapter 2.

You might be able to run into a situation like this naturally, but one player actually discovered a pretty easy way to do this and it has to do with a new mechanic that was introduced in Chapter 2.

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Reddit user Ikcatcher showed that if you down an enemy near the gas pump, you can actually just carry them over to the pump, set them down, and then ignite to finish off your challenge.

It’s actually a pretty smart move if you’re trying to knock this challenge out and you’re having trouble with it.

You’ll still need to take fights by the gas pumps and drag players over to them, but it’s going to make the whole ordeal a lot easier.

As for the rest of the challenges, they won’t be too hard to complete as long as you just play the game.

Despite not releasing patch notes, the developers have still been added new content and challenges to the game.

Chapter 2 didn’t see the end of the weekly challenges, thankfully, and many of them have allowed players to check out parts of the games they otherwise would’ve never tried.

For example, the gas pumps even exploding like this is a new feature for this season. Have you had success dealing damage with the gas pumps? Maybe try out this tip if you’re having problems.

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