Fortnite players have found what seems like the entrance to the treasure chamber from the loading screen, and now we have an idea of how big it is.

Toolbox007 took the time to use the available clues and come up with a conclusion for the actual size of the chamber.

By using tile lengths and measurements of their TV screen they were able to get an approximate size of the treasure chamber.

Now, using just the loading screen and the presumed entrance to the chamber isn’t exactly a fool-proof scientific measurement, but the work they put into figuring out the size is definitely worth highlighting.

Here’s the initial post and we will break down their method below it.

There has already been one “discovery” uncovered recently in the ground…so I decided to figure out just how big it is. The result was surprising to say the least… from r/FortNiteBR

Toolbox007 broke down their whole method in a long comment and that will be posted below, but I wanted to do a TLDR version.

They started by measuring the gap on the loading screen which they determined was three inches on their 55 inch TV.

Then they measured the torso of Luxe which came out to four inches but also conceded that the angle of the shot could distort that measurement.

They then recreated that situation in a map and used replay markers to try to figure out the size of the chamber. The ended up with a depth of 82 meters. (About 270 feet)

Here’s the actual rational from the creator:

So what do you think? Does this math seem correct to you? How do you think the chamber will eventually be opened?

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