Epic has just released a post on Reddit to explain some changes coming with a hotfix later today, April 26. The hotfix will address the following:

First Shot Accuracy
In v3.6 we added an accuracy reset when crouching/uncrouching. This was added to prevent undesired gameplay where players would quickly uncrouch, fire a perfectly accurate shot, then crouch again for cover. As an unintended side effect, a short delay was introduced when going from hip-fire to aiming.

We’ll be pushing a hotfix shortly to revert this v3.6 accuracy reset. We will separately address the crouch/uncrouch in a future update.

Week 10 Challenge – Skydive Through Floating Rings
We found an issue with the Weekly Challenge “Skydive through floating rings”, where rings were intermittently granting credit. We’ll be pushing a hotfix that will fix the blue rings; the purple rings should be improved, but may still not grant credit. (Note: To ensure a high likelihood of getting credit, make sure to fly in the center of the ring).

SOURCE: Reddit