Lightsabers in Fortnite have become hotly debated since the Fortnite X Star Wars crossover. Here’s why some players like them.

If you were to visit the r/FortniteBR subreddit, you might think that the entire Fortnite community speaks with one voice. Right now, that voice hates lightsabers in Fortnite.

It’s easy to understand why. They’re relatively common, spawn at all POIs, shred through structures, and have some bugs that seem to enable teleportation.

Fortnite players seem to largely want them out of the game, but that’s not the whole community. There are a bunch of people who like lightsabers in Fortnite – no matter how wrong it might feel. I’m one of them.

I’ve been carrying a lightsaber instead of an SMG since they came out. They serve a similar purpose when an opponent is boxed-up and the lightsaber can get you to max materials in only a few minutes. Does all of this mean that they’re overpowered? Probably, but overpowered doesn’t mean they’re as awful as the mech was.

Lightsabers are bad for the long-term health of Fortnite. I know that. I don’t think that they should stay in the game. That being said, I’ve enjoyed using them. They’re fun and they have made for some awesome 1v1 moments across several weeks of gameplay.

Of course, there are several valid reasons why people don’t like lightsabers in Fortnite. A 1vX fight is nearly impossible if the opponents have lightsabers. They can blast through walls and the momentum of the swinging animation phases players through turbo-building.

Then, of course, there’s a glitch that causes players to seemingly teleport in between their strikes. It’s unclear if this is a visual glitch or something worse, but it appears to be relatively widespread.

I haven’t run into this glitch, though. Most of my lightsaber fights have been entertaining. When I do get dumped-on by a lightsaber, I usually just shrug my shoulders, laugh, and queue for the next game – a far cry from the mech rages of Season X.

I’ve seen players compare the lightsabers to the BRUTE. In my opinion, the comparison isn’t even close. A BRUTE was a death machine – especially pre-nerf. They even farmed more efficiently than the lightsaber does. It’s relatively easy to outplay a lightsaber one-on-one if you keep you cool.

Epic did a fantastic job keeping the lightsabers out of competitive Fortnite. People seem to forget that the BRUTE was in Arena until the bitter end. Lightsabers are only in public matches, and only for a limited time. I’m not complaining.

I use lightsabers sparingly to break walls in fights or when my friend needs a hand. I really like their ability to cut down on Fortnite’s most boring element: farming. No one can argue that having a guaranteed shield spawn in a lightsaber chest is a bad thing.

Lightsabers don’t have a place in the future of Fortnite. but they’re a unique addition for a crossover event. We might not ever see something like this again, so I’m going to make the best of it.

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and lover/hater of all things Fortnite. Good comms on Twitter @JimmyDangus.