The exciting new Batman event for Fortnite Battle Royale went live this weekend, with new skins, items and even Gotham City itself, but one thing is sorely missing – a Joker skin.

There is a Batman skin (two, in fact, with different styles for each) and a Catwoman skin, but there is no villian for the pair to go up against, at least not yet.

The event itself was launched for ‘Batman Day’ on September 21, and coincided with Epic Games giving away six games Batman games for free on the store.

However, there is more to this crossover potentially on the way, and all points sign to the Joker himself making an appearance.

The most obvious clue is that one of the new ‘Welcome to Gotham City’ Challenges involves finding and defusing three Joker Gas Canisters around the map, so we already know he’s part of the lore to an extent.

You need to defuse 3 Joker Gas Canisters to complete the challenge.

So, we know that the Joker is up to something in Fortnite, but there’s no skin yet, meaning you can currently only suit up as the heroes.

But, the Joker movie is set to release on October 4, which is two days before the Batman event will end in Fortnite, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Epic takes this opportunity to add in a skin.

Warner Bros.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time that they have teamed up with new movie releases, starting with Marvel’s Avengers, Ralph breaks the Internet, John Wick, and most recently, IT: Chapter 2.

There’s no confirmation of a Joker skin, but all the right signs are there, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. NO, there is no way the R rated, mature, and rather serious Joker movie is going to participate in Fortnite. This movie isn’t another stupid MCU or DCEU film, this is a serious, artistic film that hopefully won’t do such a sellout activity. I could understand when Infinity War and Endgame did the collab because they are just stupid, cgi, comic book movies and so such a thing wouldn’t be so out of place. BUT THIS, no, and i’m happy about that.

      • Listen, for all I know there will be a skin based off the Joker from this movie. I’m not denying that it could happen, I would just be really disappointed if they do. And plus, if there is a Joker skin that would actually be pretty cool, I just hope it isn’t based around the new movie coming out.

      • I actually had that in mind when making the comment. Sure it’s rated R, which was still strange in how it got the promotion by Fortnite, but in the end it’s still a big, loud, action movie. I enjoy those movies, but Joker looks like something a lot more than any of those films. While John Wick might be mature in a violent and language sort of way, Joker is mature in it’s ideas and psychology, something that would seem really weird in Fortnite and come across as a terrible cash grab. Imagine that Fortnite scene in Endgame being in Joker, that would be unbelievably stupid. Also, sorry but, how does the term cupcake apply to me?

        • So in short, you are judging the joker movie without seeing it, and making exceptions for a movie you like because it has big bangs, you are a joke

          • Your ignorance amazes me! Lord Meow is simply saying that they would be upset if the serious joker movie with a lot of depth and thought provoking ideas was put into a very non-serious game.
            Also, Trailers were created to give an idea of what the movie is about, so just because nobody has seen it doesn’t mean you can’t get a feel of what your going to get.

          • Sure I haven’t seen the Joker movie, but I’ve seen the trailers, reviews by many prominent websites including IGN as well as smaller youtube channels like YMS, and many interviews with the director and actors like Joaquin Pheonix, the star of the movie. Plus, I was making exceptions for John Wick because Fortnite is a big, non-serious, explosions kind of game and John Wick is like that to. But Joker is a serious movie that won’t have any dumb fight scenes or random unnecessary explosions that are just there to please 5 year old in the audience which would make it weird and honestly disappointing if they partnered with Fortnite. I know I said this earlier but imagine the dumb Fortnite scene in Endgame being in Joker.

  2. But the it collab wasnt even all the way through because they had a disagreement so you shouldn’t add that one and I doubt t they will add the joker from the new movie in since it’s so much more then a DC movies. It’s a psychology movie.

  3. There wasn’t an IT crossover, there were balloons as a nice nod to the movie but that’s all it was. Lots of games have similar pop culture references.


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