Fortnite has been gradually, but surely sliding towards a more and more casual experience for a long time now. Epic’s constant noob-friendly additions have prompted a hilarious parody response from the community.

It’s no secret that Epic Games has been crafting an increasingly beginner friendly experience for Fortnite. From the Combat Shotgun to the Storm Flip and Proximity Grenade Launcher, the game is constantly being pushed to take less skill.

While it’s an obvious attempt to solidify their hyper-casual (minority) playerbase, the apparent majority of players do not like this direction. In response to recent Fortnite patches, a community member crafted a hilarious parody weapon.

Introducing the Timmy Launcher!

All of the most popular multiplayer games got to the top due to their fun and effective skill gaps. Fortnite is no different and came to fame because it truly felt amazing to get a Victory Royale.

However, recent seasons and months have seen Epic’s increasing want for a purely casual experience. By this, we mean an experience in which even the worst player can have a chance to win…that’s not fun for anybody.

In response, u/flapthrasher created a parody concept that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

My idea for a sick new weapon 🙂 from r/FortNiteBR

The ‘Timmy Launcher’ takes a strike at almost every bit of Fortnite’s skill gap.

To start with, the launcher takes away any counter play by spitting out 8 Storm Flips with 10 per tick damage. Then, it packs on the pressure by deleting any and all builds.

According the concept, the weapon would only activate if it detected a ‘high-pitched voice’…obviously making fun of very young players. This is the only gripe we have the concept. Older players players can be just as bad. Some of the best players in Fortnite are from the youngest generation.

Are you 100% they wouldn’t add such a weapon?

Continuing with the ridiculous features of the weapon, the Timmy Launcher will even protect the player from potential Storm Flip nuke survivors. Upon firing, you would be ‘rifted’ into the sky, a slurp would activate to heal you, and you would become invisible!

Alright, alright. Obviously Epic would never add something this ridiculous…right? The Infinity Blade is barely more tame than this Timmy Launcher. While the chance of this monster being seen in-game is small, it’s a great parody of what is happening to Fortnite.

Epic Games has sliced the skill gap for building, shooting, positioning, and almost every other aspect of the game. The parody hits homes and shows how ridiculous all of the noob-friendliness is when it all comes at you at once.

We hope Epic Games will reverse course for the game in order to prevent any future degradation of Fortnite’s skill gap. The game is becoming increasingly less fun for both the casual and competitive communities.

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