Epic Games are apparently teaming up with the release of IT: Chapter Two, but one creative fan has put their own twist on the collaboration with a brilliant short video.

The crossover will be the third movie-related promotion Fortnite has done in 2019 alone, following Avengers: Endgame and John Wick: Chapter Three – Parabellum.

Given the popularity of the Epic’s battle royale, it makes sense why movie studios want to promote their new releases to the hundreds of millions of players, although there have been some surprised reactions to seeing an adult-rated horror movie partnering up with the all-ages game.

IT’s most famous scene comes from the original 2017 film, when a young boy sees his paper boat float away down a drain, only to be greeted, violently, by the main antagonist, evil clown Pennywise.

In preparation for the Fortnite x IT: Chapter Two crossover, fan u/0K-Fortnite has recreated this iconic scene, but instead of Pennywise, an altogether more scary villain appears – the BRUTE Mech.

BRUTE mechs have been the true ‘bad guy’ of Season X, so it’s only fitting that they would appear from the drain to scare an unsuspecting Jonesy.

How Fortnite x IT really should look like… 😉 from r/FortNiteBR

We already know that the street drain scene will be used in Fortnite, after leaker ShiinaBR discovered a mysterious red balloon at Pleasant Park, which makes creepy laughing noise when destroyed.

We don’t have any official confirmation yet, but IT: Chapter Two’s official Twitter page retweeted our recent post speculating on the crossover, giving a big hint.

Another confirmation of the collaboration?

Unfortunately, while the IT crossover will be a temporary event, the BRUTE mechs are here to stay.

Thankfully, though, they were nerfed in the most recent update along with the vaulting of the Combat and Drum Shotguns.