Ever since Fishstick was released, the skin has been a favorite among Fortnite Battle Royale players.

It is the perfect combination of goofy and unique that Fortnite players love.

Now prolific skin concept maker Final Hoss has turned the fan-favorite skin into different streamers.

He created unique versions for Ninja, Timthetatman, DrLupo and High Distortion.

These skins even captured the attention of the streamers they are portraying with all four of them offering their comments on the designs.

The Final Hoss has just been racking up the followers today, that tends to happen when accounts with about 7 million followers between them all shout you out on their accounts.

While the skin designs are obviously solid, the fish puns maybe even better. TimTheTroutMan, Finja, High Fishstortion, and Dr. Bloopo make a fierce squad.

It is those small details that push this from a classic skin design to something recognized by four major streamers. It even extended to each player’s logos.

Final Hoss has been featured in previous articles, one of his designs that gained the most traction was the John Wick goalie skin called the “Reaper Keeper.

But this batch of skins shot his Twitter from a couple hundred followers well over 1,500 in just eight hours.

Do you think Fortnite would ever add skins like this into the game?

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