A turbo build bug has been plaguing players, even costing Sentinal’s Animal a spot in the Fortnite World Cup, and Epic has finally issued a response.

Turbo building is used by tons of players in Fortnite, which allows them to automatically place builds instead of going into the menu for each structure.

During last weekend’s Fortnite Online Opens on April 28, Sentinal’s Owen ‘Animal’ Wright was in a top 26 situation when he went to glide down to the ground and start building, however, the turbo build bug prevented him from tossing up structures leading to his elimination.

“I am sad beyond belief and I really feel I deserve a spot because I played very well”, Animal later added “Look at my loadout/mat. I’m fucking devastated.”

On May 1, the official Fortnite twitter pushed out a tweet stating that they will be pushing a hotfix to “address the issues with turbo building under certain conditions”.

Youtube’s ImSpeedyGonzales thinks the build-breaking bug comes from patch v8.30 back in April that “added the ability to cycle hotbar items while gliding”.

The no-build "issue" after gliding that killed Animal in his twitter clip was because of something introduced in Patch 8.3. It’s caused by pushing turbo build while gliding; If it ever happens to you, simply release your turbo build and then press it again. (i said issue because automod) from FortNiteBR

According to ImSpeedyGonzales, when players cycle through their builds while flying, it will create an issue where Fortnite cannot detect the ground which makes placing structures impossible.

Hopefully, Epic’s hotfix will get rid of the turbo build bug and players can begin building to their heart’s content.

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