High Stakes Event

Fortnite presents: High Stakes. Next week a new Event debuts in Fortnite! This Event features…

  • Brand-new Limited Time Mode called Getaway
  • New Wildcard Outfit with selectable Styles
  • Free set of Challenges

What the High Stakes Challenges entail has yet to be revealed. Based on the promotional art, we can infer that a Spray and Pickaxe will be some of the Rewards for completing Challenges.

Limited Time Mode: Getaway

Tomorrow, September 2nd, the Getaway LTM gameplay will be revealed at Fortnite’s PAX West event. Stay tuned to @FortniteINTEL on Twitter for all of the details to come.

Based on the promotional art for Getaway, it’s possible this mode may be similar to Protect The President.

New Item: Grappler

Alongside the Getaway LTM gameplay, a brand-new Item will be revealed tomorrow at Fortnite’s PAX West event. The Grappler! As always, follow @FortniteINTEL on Twitter to be notified as soon as more information is know.

This Item is likely to be the Grappling Hook which was leaked after Patch v5.20.

Wildcard Outfit

Inspired the first four card suits, this outfit helps you dress for the job. The Wildcard Cosmetic Set will be available on the Fortnite Item Shop.

  • All 4 Masks are included with the Outfit
  • Includes the Cuffed Case Back Bling
  • Includes the Safe Cracker Glider