In what appears to be inspired by a mix of Hitman, James Bond and Scarface, the brand new High Stakes event begins next week, featuring an all-new Limited Time Mode titled “Getaway”, a brand new Wild Card outfit, and challenges.

As you can see in the promotional image provided by Epic Games, the Wild Card outfit fearures an all-white suit, black gloves and a hockey mask. It almost looks like a negative John Wick.

What is interesting is that the player is holding a briefcase with handcuffs attached to it – in some hollywood spy movies, a briefcase with valuable items inside would be handcuffed to someone who had the key, as way of making a deal.

Either way, that briefcase could be a tease to the “Getaway” LTM – which we are predicting will consist of one player having a briefcase and trying to escape the other players who are after it. Almost like a “Protect the President” mode.

You can watch the first gameplay of High Stakes during the official Fortnite PAX livestream occuring on the Twitch channel at 6PM PT.

We do not know whether the Wild Card outfit can be unlocked through challenges, or will be available for a limited time only on the Item Shop, but we do know it will look fantastic and be wanted by many players worldwide.

What do you think about the upcoming mode? Do you want to see more of these non-holiday themed events? Let us know in the comments below!