The Fortnite Winter Royale 2019 is coming. Take a look at some confirmed duo teams that will be competing in the event.

Arena Duos might be one of the more anticipated additions to Fortnite since Chapter 2 started. Squads and Trios were fun for a while, but Competitive Fortnite is best in the Duo format – at least for a lot of us.


Winter Royale Duos is the next major competition taking place on December 20-22. The tournament will hand out $15 million across several regions and three days of online battling.

Right now, players are testing teammates and getting things ready to fight for the grand prize. Tfue, for instance, was playing with Scoped instead of his normal teammate of Cloakzy. He appears to be trying out the chemistry with other players.

We have yet to see a confirmation of Tfue’s teammate, but there’s still plenty of time. Fans are undoubtedly hoping to see Tfue and Cloak repeat their past success.

Several teams have already announced their intent to play with one another. Big names like Mongraal and BenjyFishy will be taking it to the EU region, while Bugha and Stretched fight for the always-stacked NA-East.

Here are some of the top-level Fortnite pros who have announced their duo teams for the Winter Royale 2019:

  • Bugha & Stretched
  • Assault & Smqcked
  • Mongraal & BenjyFishy
  • XXiF & Ronaldo
  • Edgeyy & Cented
  • Thwifo & Clouds
  • 72 hrs & Cizlucky
  • Reverse2k & Ninja
  • Kinstarr & Nayte
  • Dubs & Megga
  • SypherPK & Ranger
  • Falconlyy & Robabz
  • Rehx & EpikWhale
  • Commandment & Zyfa
  • Kodi & Tyler15

There are undoubtedly more duos we’re missing and will be even more as we get closer to the event. We’ll keep you posted as more Fortnite pros and streamers announce their duo partners for the Winter Royale.

Who do you want to see win the whole thing? Let us know in the comments.

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