Week 7 brings the “Search the Hidden Gnome in different Named Locations (7)” challenge, something we haven’t yet seen before. There are gnomes hidden across the map, once you find one you simply have to search it:

Here’s a map showing 7 gnome locations (just enough to complete the challenge), with a more in-depth explanation for each below if you can’t find them:

Tomato Town: In the back office of the main tomato restaurant.

Retail Row: In the shack under the water tower on the eastern side.

Salty Springs: Under the stairs in the basement of the middle broken building.

Flush Factory: In the painted toilet room, located in the main factory building.

Lucky Landing: In the bathroom of the north-eastern building.

Greasy Grove: In the left bathroom of the Durrr Burger restaurant.

Snobby Shores: In the bathroom of the bunker found underneath the southern-most house, break a wardrobe to enter.