At 2 pm ET / 11 am PT, Fortnite fans hopped in-game to witness the Season 9 event where the Pressure Plant robot fought against the Polar Peak monster, but only one could stand at the end for a Victory Royale.

The Final Showdown event saw all players hopping into a temporary server where players could not harm each other, so everybody could enjoy the match that was about to happen.

All players were given jet packs with unlimited fuel so they would enjoy an overview of the entire battle.

Monster out of water

The Polar Peak monster rose out of the northern waters near Lazy Lagoon with part of Polar Peak’s castle still attached to it’s back.

Polar Peak monster shooting green beams of energy.

The humongous creature then blasted a huge green beam of destructive energy which went from Lazy Lagoon all the way south to Dusty Divot.

The robot at Polar Peak soon activated for battle and eyed the monster in its sights.

Charge! Fortnite mech to save the day!

The huge mech charged the destructive creature as they went flying all the way to Snobby Shores.

Players were left to believe the monster might be defeated until he came flying over the horizon and ripped off the robot’s arm.

Fortnite mech under surprise attack.

Even though the Fortnite-themed mech was hurt, it didn’t stop it from using the power’s within the Battle Royale map to gain the upper hand.

The robot was able to use a mythical power from Loot Lake in order to land a powerful uppercut punch.

Finally, Fortnite’s new hero was able to pull out a huge sword from Neo Tilted to deal the final strike.

A heroic sword for a heroic robot.

Once the robot finished the battle, it performed a cheeky “floss” dance move and then flew up into space.

The Polar Peak’s body is now a huge skeleton with the sword sticking out of its skull.

Players who want to check out any map changes can hop in-game and enjoy their regular rounds of Fortnite Battle Royale without any restrictions.

We are happy that the heroic robot defeated the scary-looking monster. Who knows what kind of destruction he could have done to the Fortnite map.

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