Competitive Fortnite fans have created their very own subreddit that is dedicated to tips, tricks, and guide for everything related to competitive Fortnite, and here’s how you can join.

There are millions of Fortnite fans spread across the entire Reddit community, but there was never a true place for competitive players to gather and share information with each other.

The FortniteCompetitive subreddit was the first place players would go to talk about competitive topics, but fans began to notice that the subreddit was not well moderated and was soon overrun by readers who were posting negative comments.

InsideFortnite is a subreddit where each post will be manually approved by subreddit moderators. Every post and comment has to be approved to guarantee a safe, comfortable environment for fans to share.

IMG: /r/InsideFortnite

InsideFortnite is a dedicated subreddit where players can post about competitive Fortnite gameplay, analysis, strategies, or ask questions.

Each post has its own flair to make navigating specific posts easy. We have been able to see flairs for General Strats, Data/Info, Build/Edit Strats, Discussions, and more.

Every week there is a weekly feedback post where subscribers can post any feedback they have, positive or negative, in an environment that is constructive for everybody involved.

Since the subreddit was created, it has been able to gain close to 5,000 subscribers.

If players are looking for a place to share their in-game footage or are interested in learning about a new strategy, we think InsideFortnite is a great place for players to offer their feedback.