Another challenge released with Week 2 of Season 3 is ‘Dance in forbidden locations’, requiring you to dance at 5 places on the map. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Travel to one of the 5 locations listed below
  • Use an emote
  • Repeat (they do not have to be done in the same game)

Note: There are other ‘no dancing’ sign locations, these are just the ones we found first and are easy enough to get to.

Location 1: Prison

This one is located in the center of the prison (south-east of the map)

Location 2: Tilted Towers

This one is located near the big tree in Tilted Towers (center of the map)

Location 3: Junk Junction Llama

This one is located slightly north-west of Junk Junction at the Llama statue (north-west of the map)

Location 4: Retail Row

This one is located just outside the northern store at Retail Row (east of the map)

Location 5: Wailing Woods

This one is located just west of the ‘Wailing Woods’ tag on the map (north-east of the map)

Once you’ve done this, you will complete the challenge and get 5 Battle Stars as a reward.