Epic Games released update v7.30 for Fortnite on January 29 which included several map changes!

Update v7.30 was released on January 29 with new items like the chiller grenade and vaulted a few fan-favorites.

Data miners were also able to find information on new cosmetics, skins, future events and more.

The update also bought along a handful of new map changes in Fortnite including the return of a new Durr Burger Restaraunt!

Here are some of the new additions to the Fortnite map:

The Durr Burger Restaraunt returns!

IMG: LootLake

The original Durr Burger restaurant in Greasy Grove was removed for the frozen over snow map at the beginning of Season 7.

A brand new restaurant has opened for players to visit, which is now in Retail Row south of the water tower.

Tilted Towers has completed construction

IMG: LootLake

The middle tower in Tilted Towers has been destroyed almost every season, just for it to be destroyed again.

Finally, the middle building has completed construction, as it stands at 6 stories high and has a couple of chest spawns.

Polar Peak has melted to reveal a surprise

IMG: LootLake

The prisoner has escaped from the depths of Polar Peak’s dungeon.

The prisoner has been confirmed to be the Snowfall skin for Season 7 as well.

Pleasant Park prepares for a pleasant surprise

IMG: LootLake

Trucks are hauling equipment onto the Football fiend in Pleasant Park to plan for an in-game concert featuring Marshmello!

The in-game concert event will take place on February 2nd at 2 pm EST/11 am PST.

Will you be attending the Marshmello concert on Saturday, February 2, 2019?