Fortnite Battle Royale has gone through various changes since its 2017 launch, but the game’s evolution has some fans missing a vital part of the game.

Epic Games is constantly trying to change up how their players interact with the revolutionary battle royale. Although a lot of updates have facilitated the more competitive side of the game, it seems to have been slowly weeding out casual players.

Even as legions of fans still bombard the Fortnite servers, some players have been noticing their friends list getting more inactive since patches throughout the years have been apparently making some players drop the game for good.

Players miss the hijinks and overall fun atmosphere of past Fortnite eras like Season 4. Credit: Epic Games

In a Reddit post, user ‘ImIgnoringYouNow’ emphasized what could be one of the most heartbreaking side effects of the various patches throughout Fortnite’s lifetime.

“I don’t even miss ‘old Fortnite,’ I just miss my friends,” they said. “It’s not the old locations, the old weapons or old building that I miss. No, it’s just my friends that I miss.”

The user noted that since Season 4, they had a constantly rotating group of “20+ people” to queue up with but it’s since dwindled to a mere handful of players.

A shrinking volume of close online buddies have basically made the “in-jokes” they fostered disappear, as the miss the jovial “atmosphere that is now gone.”

A lot has happened in Fortnite’s history, making tons of players look forward to the rumors of a new map. Credit: Epic Games

People from the Fortnite community started to chime in with thoughts that mirrored the user’s sentiments, as they too have noticed the sad trend.

“Building on what you said, I’d go further to suggest it’s the social atmosphere of the game that has really died,” user ‘dontreallycareforit’ said. “Back in seasons 3-4… instead of instantly cranking fifty floors of 90s or pulling out the gold tax smog and muzzle stuffing their opponents, (players would) emote together, or f*** around”

Fortnite players have been getting a lot better as a community since the game initially released. But for those who followed the game casually, matches have been getting harder since it’s difficult to have fun in a lobby filled with people cranking 90s at the drop of a hat.

But user ‘ImIgnoringYouNow’ has a ton of hope that more players will be coming back with rumors of a new map coming to Fortnite.

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