Tilted Towers and Pleasant Park are slowly receiving an array of various decorations hinting at a Halloween themed event approaching.

It seems that Fortnite is getting in the mood for Halloween. While all those are focused on the Floating Island and the Cube below it sucking up a Rune from the ground, Epic Games have been secretly and subtly placing halloween themed decorations around the map.

In Tilted Towers, players have reported sightings of ghost decorations hanging from streetlights – here is a photo courtesy of u/HireDeLune.

Image Source: u/HireDeLune

This decoration is very innocent, and stylised. It’s the next decoration that might creep some readers out – it definitely made me cringe when I saw it in-game. Not nice for arachnophobiacs, at all.


Image Source: u/SpaghettiHotdogs

This house, covered in cobwebs, is home to a brand new large spider on the roof. That’s a big nope. Definitely not landing at Pleasant Park for a little while.

There’s an even bigger spider in the front lawn, and it’s actually too big to handle. Here’s a photo, courtesy of a twitter user.

Image Source: @Temz9R

What do you think? Are you excited for Halloween? Let us know below!