A January 2019 Fortnite patch allowed a loophole to open that granted hackers access to personal information, and now over 100 people have decided to sue Epic Games over the mishap.

Millions of Fortnite fans became vulnerable to a bug that allowed hackers to access account owner’s information like phone numbers, email addresses, and more.

Even though Epic Games repaired the problem, a group of people has collected together to place a class-action lawsuit against the company according to a Polygon report.

The lawsuit claims that over 100 people are a part of the lawsuit, meaning that the system loophole was a significant failure in securing people’s data.

Will Epic be held responsible for the security breach?

Epic Games approached the community after a Checkpoint article was released originally on January 16 that detailed how hackers could possibly access millions of Epic Game accounts, which includes Fortnite.

The lawsuit was delivered to Epic Games around June 26 and was filed by Franklin D. Azar & Associates in North Carolina, where Epic Games’ headquarters is located.

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Azar & Associates claim that Epic did not maintain proper security measures nor alert their users of the breach in the proper amount of time.

The lawsuit directly claims that “Epic Games has not directly informed or notified individual Fortnite users that their personally identifiable information may be compromised as a result of the breach.”

Despite the fact that Epic did confirm that there was a data breach, it clearly was not enough to please users who were affected by the exploit.

We will keep you updated with any information regarding the class-action lawsuit against Epic Games.

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      • …….This method still works to gain peoples accounts.
        And Epic isn’t at fault for it.

        The phishing is done by a 3rd party targeting idiots who click links without common sense. As long as people are stupid this will continue.

        You see attempts every day for this kind of thing. Epic offered a solid way to stop it via 2FA but people think its annoying and don’t want to use it then when they do something stupid like this they blame others.

        • It clearly says they fixed the bug that allowed people to gain access to their accounts which it also said that it was possible because of a patch that epic implemented

          • Yet this thing still works.
            You emulate the Epic login with a script that steals the user info.
            Then it redirects you to the real login with the login details you entered.
            If the login works you login and think everything is fine but your info has been stolen.

            It is a common thing.

            The “fix” is the loading screen that says you can’t get free vbucks.


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