The new Gunner pet has been removed from the Fortnite Item Shop due to complaints of its similarity to the Bonesy Season 6 pet.

Epic Games isn’t really finding a groove when it comes to Season X. The BRUTE has drawn the ire of every facet of the community and the addition of Fiends in Retail Row didn’t help things either.

On August 14, Epic released a new Pet Back-Bling named ‘Gunner.’ They’ve now been forced to remove the cosmetic completely due to community backlash. The comparisons do certainly suggest a complete re-skin.

Gunner Pet removed from Fortnite Item Shop

Season 6 Pet Bonesy – IMG: ProGameGuides

Battle Pass items are somewhat of a sacred class of cosmetic in Fortnite. Once the season has ended, there’s no way to unlock that particular item ever again. Epic does release variants of previous items from time to time, but it’s a rare occurrence at best.

Another sacred rule of Epic’s cosmetic design is unique products that don’t simply re-skin an already existing Outfit, Back-Bling, or other item. Again, there are exceptions to this rule, but they generally stick to this line of thinking.

With the Gunner pet, they broke both these community accepted rules. The picture above shows the Season 6 Battle Pass Pet, Bonesy. The image below displays the “new” Gunner Pet.

Gunner Pet

Epic Games took to Twitter to apologize for the release and gave assurances that refunds will be handed out any players that bought the item.

The additional 200 V-Bucks is a nice compensation, but we think the issue is a little blown out of proportion. Yes, it’s a blatant re-skin of Bonesy, but newer players haven’t had a chance to obtain the little guy.

Players who bought Gunner obviously wanted the pet and now will not be able to obtain it. A disclaimer for Season 6 players on the purchasing page would’ve been more than enough, in our opinion.

What do you think of this most recent controversy? The Gunner/Bonesy pet is undeniably cute and it doesn’t feel right to restrict newer players from content if they truly want to buy it. With that said, we understand that many players place high value on the exclusivity of Battle Pass cosmetics.