Players have already started to find some ingenious uses for the new ‘Chiller’ Trap in Fortnite.

Added on October 3 in the V6.01 update, the Trap freezes the feet of enemies when hit, and turns them into cubes of ice.

When hit, the player’s feet will have reduced friction which causes them to ‘slide’ off of structures and around the map without much control.

However, /u/VeSportsHades discovered that using a Chiller Trap and Rune together has the potential for players to move quickly across the map in a short period of time.

In order for the method to work, a player must run across the already-placed Chiller Trap onto the Rune, which will then propel them a short distance before being able to ‘glide’ while running.

The full process can be viewed below.

At the time of writing, it is unknown if this effect was intentionally added by Epic Games, or if it is a glitch that will be patched in the near future.

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SOURCE: Reddit

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