By the time Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 ends, there will be 100 collectible Fortbytes available for players to collect.

Every season of Fortnite has featured a specific line of quests that offer players experience and other unlockables.

Players who purchase the Battle Pass for Season 9 have access to Fortbytes along with seven new weekly challenges.

The latest Fortbyte to become available, Fortbyte 27, can be located somewhere within map location A4.

Fortbyte 27 location

Some Fortbytes require players to use a specific emote, toy, or pickaxe but not byte 27.

Players are free to jump right into a match to collect the Fortbyte. As usual, hop into a Team Rumble match in order to avoid early deaths.

Fortbyte 27 is located north of Snobby Shores.

Here’s how to collect Fortbyte 27:

  1. Join a Battle Royale match.
  2. Land at map location A4. It is near Snobby Shores.
  3. Locate the Fortbyte.
  4. Collect Fortbyte 27.
  5. Success!

Keep in mind that Fortbyte 27 is located within map location A4, but isn’t in the same place for every player. There will be some searching involved.

If players are having trouble locating Fortbyte 27 and need a bit more help, check out with walkthrough video by InTheLittleWood:

All 100 Fortbytes will be used to unlock the Season 9 Fortbyte image, which might give a few leads on what Fortnite’s tenth season will include.

With the final days of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 approaching, we are excited to see what Epic has planned for us!