Fortbyte challenges are new to Fortnite Battle Royale, which debuted in Season 9. Fortbytes are collectible items that have to be located via location or mission-based challenges.

Players can find Fortbytes through challenges that sometimes require players to locate them at a specific location, like June 30’s Fortbyte #97.

Fortbyte #97 can be found at a location hidden within loading screen #8. Loading screen #8 can be obtained by completing all challenges from Season 9, week 8.

There was another Fortbyte that released on June 30, byte #67 which can be found at the southern Sky Platform by flying through rings with the Retaliator Glider.

Fortbyte 97 location

Players do not need to equip a specific skin, emote, or toy so they are free to hop right into a match.

We recommend obtaining Fortbytes in the Team Rumble LTM in order to avoid early deaths.

Fortbyte 97 can be found within Lucky Landing, in the northernmost building where there is a set of weights and a barbell.

Byte 97 can be located in Lucky Landing.

The byte will be sitting on the ground, easily located next to the weight shelf full of dumbbells.

If you have trouble locating Fortbyte 97, check out the walkthrough below by InTheLittleWood:

Keep in mind there are 100 Fortbytes that will become available before Season 9 ends in July, so make sure you collect them all!

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