Fortnite Battle Royale’s Season 9 Battle Pass owners have access to Fortbyte challenges, which task players to locate tiny puzzle-like pieces around the map or completing specific missions.

Fortbytes are littered around the map, and some have requirements that players must use a specific emote, pickaxe, or toy.

The latest Fortbyte to become available, byte 94, requires players to have reached Battle Pass level 87.

Once players reach level 87, they will unlock the scarlet scythe pickaxe and will be able to acquire Fortbyte 94.

By the time Fortnite Season 9 ends, there will be 100 Fortbytes for players to collect.

Fortbyte 94 location

Before jumping into a match, players must have the scarlet scythe pickaxe equipped. The Fortbyte cannot be collected without the pickaxe.

As usual, hop into a Team Rumble LTM match in order to avoid early deaths along with having the ability to collect several bytes in one game.

Break into the middle building to find the blue canoe.

Here’s how to collect Fortbyte 94:

  1. Equip the scarlet scythe pickaxe.
  2. Join a Battle Royale match.
  3. Land at the icy lake north of Polar Peak.
  4. Locate the middle building.
  5. Break into the ceiling.
  6. Locate the blue canoe on the second floor, hanging on the wall.
  7. Break the canoe with the scarlet scythe pickaxe.
  8. Collect the Fortbyte.
  9. Success!
The blue canoe is hanging on the wall.

If you are having trouble locating the Fortbyte, watch this walkthrough video by InTheLittleWood:

Every Fortbyte used is put into the Season 9 Fortbyte image, which possibly gives more clues towards Fortnite’s tenth season.

On July 13, countdown timers began to appear above all Sky Platforms in Fortnite.

Will we finally see the Polar Peak monster fight with the Pressure Plant robot?

Any idea on what the countdown will bring? Let us know your thoughts!