All throughout Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9, there are special collectibles, Fortbytes, that players can locate to decrypt the secret Fortbyte image. On June 28, Fortbyte #62 became available for players to collect.

With the conclusion of Season 9 quickly approaching, there are more challenges and collectibles for players to find all over the Fortnite map either through daily, weekly, or event challenges.

There are 100 Fortbytes that can be found throughout the Fortnite map, or obtained through different missions.

The latest Fortbyte to unlock, #62, has some requirements in order for players to collect the byte.

Fortbyte #62 location

Season 9 Battle Pass owners who are looking to pick up byte 62 must be aware that they will need the ‘Stratus’ skin to collect it.

The ‘Stratus’ skin is available at level 71 of Season 9’s Battle Pass, so make sure it is already unlocked and equipped before you hop in-game!

Fortbyte 62 can be found at the abandoned mansion to the south of Lonely Lodge which has been marked for you.

Fortbyte #62 can be found to the south of Lonely Lodge.

As soon as players land at the abandoned structure, the byte will be located on the ground in the front lawn.

If you are still having difficulty locating the puzzle piece, check out the walkthrough guide by InTheLittleWood.

There is a new Fortbyte that unlocks every day of Fortnite Season 9, and with only about two weeks left of the season, now might be a good time to start collecting them.

We have a guide on all the currently available Fortbytes if you need some help locating the bytes.

With the tenth season of Fortnite Battle Royale quickly approaching, we are excited to see what Epic Games has planned!

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