Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 includes the Battle Pass exclusive Fortbyte challenges, which are small collectibles players can find around the map or through challenges.

There will be 100 Fortbytes available for collection before Season 9 ends in July, which means there is only a short amount of time to find them all.

Every day of Season 9 there is a new Fortbyte that becomes available to locate around the map, with some requiring players to use a specific skin, emote, or toy.

July 3’s Fortbyte that unlocked was #52, and can be located inside a robot factory with the Bot Spray.

Fortbyte 52 location

Before players can acquire Fortbyte 52, they will need to level up their Battle Pass to level 85 in order to gain the Bot Spray.

Fortbyte 52 can be located at Pressure Plant.

Here’s how to locate Fortbyte 52:

  1. Equip the Bot Spray in your locker.
  2. Hop into a Battle Royale match.
  3. Land at Pressure Plant.
  4. Go to the rightmost building within Pressure Plant’s crater.
  5. Use the Bot Spray near the Fortbyte.
  6. Collect the Fortbyte.
The Fortbye will be on the ground, next to the crater wall.

If players are still having trouble locating the Fortbyte, check out this walkthrough video by InTheLittleWood:

There are only about two weeks left of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9, so now might be the time to start collecting the available Fortbytes.

Do you think a giant robot will rise out of Pressure Plant, or the mysterious Polar Peak monster who broke out of the glacier?

Fortnite’s tenth season is quickly approaching, and rumors have already begun speculating on what the next in-game event will include. Let us know your theories as well!

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