Fortnite Season X introduced missions, which are upgraded versions of challenges that task players with specific tasks. Week 2’s Spray and Pray mission sends players looking for lost spray cans, and we have the location for each one.

Each week there are seven missions that become available to all players. Once fans finish the first seven missions, another seven “prestige” missions will unlock.

One of Fortnite Battle Royale’s standard missions for week two tasks players to find five of the eight individual spray cans that are littered across the Fortnite island.

Instead of searching through the entire Battle Royale map, check out the guide below that shows you every location for all seven spray cans.

Where can you find the lost spray cans in Fortnite?

Even though there are eight spray cans, fans will only need to locate five in order to complete the mission.

There are four lost spray cans marked across the northern side of the map with another four towards the south.

Walk up to paint can, press the interact button, and success!

Once players complete all Spray and Pray challenges, including the prestige set, then they will unlock the Paint Pack Back Bling.


Have BRUTEs ruined Season X?

Fortnite Battle Royale entered its tenth season on August 1 where players were introduced to the new weaponized vehicles named BRUTEs.

Fans have not been happy with the new addition since they are extremely overpowered. In face, BRUTEs have been compared to the Infinity Blade with how OP it is.

IMG: Epic Games

Players who are able to secure a BRUTE are almost guaranteed a Victory Royale since the vehicle is almost impossible to counter.

While Epic Games have hinted at a potential nerf, players are still waiting impatiently as Fortnite’s recent v10.00 content update was one of the worst received updates of all time according to a fan-made graph.

As we sit and wait for the next balancing patch or update, why not check out our piece on the potential return of Greasy Grove and Anarchy Acres.

What has been your favorite part of Season X so far? Have you been enjoying Tilted Town’s no-build zone or basking in the fact that Ballers have been removed? Let us know your thoughts below.