Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass owners have access to Fortbyte challenges, something new to the game. There are 100 Fortbytes, which look like puzzle pieces, that can be used to decrypt the mysterious image.

Each Fortbyte comes with a small clue to help guide players to its location. Some bytes come with the requirement that a player equips a certain skin, emote, or toy within the Battle Pass for Season 9.

June 29 saw the unlocking of Fortbyte #53 which is accessible by helping to raise the disco ball at an abandoned mountain top villain lair, and we have a guide to quickly locate the byte.

Fortbyte 53 location

June 29’s Fortbyte #53 does not require players to use a specific emote or wear a special skin, so they can hop right into a match to locate the byte.

The 53rd Fortbyte for Fortnite Season 9 can be located at the old villian lair located outside of Snobby Shores, marked below.

Head to the old villain lair outside of Snobby to find Fortbyte #53.

Players will need a friend to help collect this byte since there are different pressure plates that need to be engaged.

Once both players dance on the different floors and raise the disco ball, they will be able to collect the byte.

If players are still having trouble locating the byte and dance floors, check out this guide by InTheLittleWood:

There are only about two weeks left of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9, so this weekend might be a good time to start collecting Fortbytes.

If you need help, check out our guide with every location and requirements for each Fortbyte in Season 9.

Have you been collecting each Fortbyte as they become available, or are you waiting to find them all at the end of the Season?

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