The new Fortnite Zapper trap has a pretty devastating counter, and it might be a bit easier than you expect.

Every item in Fortnite Battle Royale needs to have some sort of counter in order to ensure that it won’t ‘outclass’ other weapons and additions. This is a vital feature for various reasons and can be difficult for developers to consistently get right.

However, sometimes, the ‘counter’ might not always be what the developer intended. For the ‘Zapper Trap,’ this is exactly what happened.

The Zapper Trap was added to Fortnite via the v10.20 Content Update but was later removed the same day by Epic Games due to login issues.

Now that it’s back, it was discovered that players can actually counter the Zapper Trap by holding down the ‘edit’ function on whichever wall an enemy player attempted to target, which would make the Trap ‘bounce’ off of it.

You can counter the new trap by just holding edit on your wall from r/FortniteCompetitive

As shown in the video above from Reddit user OfficialCanDook, the Zapper Trap will immediately latch onto the wall in question after he stops holding down the edit function.

It is unknown whether or not this was somehow intentional by Epic Games, or if it is just a pesky glitch that will eventually get patched in a coming update.

Epic will hopefully provide some sort of statement on the issue as it gets more well-known across the Fortnite community, although, it might just get quietly patched.

Do you think this was intentional, or is it just a big glitch? Let us know your thoughts!

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