Thanks to a video posted within the FortniteBR subreddit, a new strategy has been revealed showing how to combine the Bubble Shield with another item in order to create a moving protective dome.

The v10.20 patch introduced the new Shield Bubble item that allows players to protect themselves with a huge dome.


Players believed that the new item was supposed to help counter the BRUTEs, but fans quickly found alternative methods to use the item.

One of those alternative methods requires a teammate to wear a bush.

Redditor Niccorazi posted a video on September 1 showing off a strategy where he was able to throw the Shield Bubble onto his teammate wearing a Bush. Due to some type of bug, the game allows the player wearing the bush to walk around with the Shield Bubble fully deployed and mobile.

Pro rotation strats from a top NAW Trio – “Bubble bush” from r/FortNiteBR

Thanks to the mobile Shield Bubble, the Trio could safely rotate while having a protective dome surrounding them.

Players can hop in-game and try to pull off the trick for themselves. All you need is a teammate, a Bush, and a Shield Bubble.

While this strategy seems like a great strategy, it’s important to note that enemies can still run into the dome to deal damage. Since the shield only has a 30-second timer, using the item is often much more strategic than players think.

There hasn’t been any announcement from Epic on if they will patch the Shield Bubble, but we will keep you updated on any news we hear!