Epic Games added ‘Overtime’ challenges which allow players the chance to complete 13 free tasks by February 27 to earn a free Season 8 Battle Pass. 

Fortnite fans all around social media were excited to hear that they could save 950 V-Bucks by completing the free Overtime challenges, which were implemented due to Season 7 running longer than previous seasons.

The first free Overtime challenge tasks players to collect 15 coins in Featured Creative Islands.

This is a new challenge seen in Fortnite, which requires players to go to other players’ featured Creative islands and explore their masterpieces for gold coins.

In order to access the available featured Creative islands, players must be in the Creative mode, and then they can select one of the featured islands by going to the stone.

Most islands have around 10 coins, so it could take up to three different island runs to complete the challenge.

There was a walkthrough posted on the FortniteBR subreddit by Zorra_FoX that shows a quick path to take through kate-the-cursed’s featured island “KtC’s BR: Solos”.

Walkthrough-"Collect 15 coins in featured creative island" from FortNiteBR

Zorra_FoX was able to run through the map two different times to collect all 15 coins.

This Overtime challenge is meant to get players creating and sharing more creations through Fortnite’s Creative mode.

More ‘Overtime’ challenges are due to unlock on February 16, so stay tuned to FortniteINTEL for walkthroughs and tips!

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