According to data leaks from the new EndGame event files, Guardians of the Galaxy cosmetics are on the way to Fortnite. Which Guardian do you most want to see in-game?


Data miners are always busy people, but their jobs got even busier with the release of both v8.50 and Fortnite X Avengers on the same day.

Several leaks have come out about other aspects of the game, including the possible destruction of Tilted Towers. The newest leak has to do with Marvel and its ragtag team of Guardians.

The Guardians are coming

We may soon see Star-Lord or Gamorra tearing up the Battle Royale scene in Fortnite, according to a leak.

The leak comes from @FortTory, a Fortnite data miner and leaker.

The confirmation of Guardians of the Galaxy content coming to Fortnite comes in the form of a text sequence within a data file. The sequence clearly reads “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Above this line of text, the words “Cosmetic Sets” can be seen which suggests that there will be more than one Guardians cosmetic released.

These could be Back Blings, Skins, or other items as all cosmetics are included inside of Cosmetic Sets. We suspect at least one skin will be released as Epic has already released the Black Widow skin in the Item Shop.

And to further prove that point, FortTory released another leak about the Guardians content.

It seems that Star-Lord will certainly be making an appearance within the EndGame event Item Shop. “Outfit” generally refers to a whole costume which can only be displayed within Fortnite as an independent skin.

It remains to be seen whether the skin will have multiple Styles (no helmet/helmet on).

Pricing for Marvel Skins seems to be set at 1500 V-Bucks when based off of the Black Widow skins, but some could be potentially higher or lower.

Broken Light & Interstellar Set Leaks

Within the same cosmetic set files, @LavaLeaks found references to new never-before-seen sets.

These new cosmetic set codes indicates that Epic is not slowing down its production of new contents. Almost every single Fortnite set includes a few skins, a pair of Back Blings, and other various content like Gliders sprinkled on top.

The future is definitely looking bright for fans of Fortnite as content is raining in. New Marvel skins are set to release all week long, the Loot Lake event is progressing along, and additional item sets are already in production!

Are you planning on buying every Marvel skin or are you selecting only the best of the best? Tell us your preferences in the comments.