One of the shortest Item Shop appearances ever? Grill Sergeant is already gone from the Item Shop.

Epic Games have made an official statement:

It can’t be a coincidence that the long anticipated uncommon skin Grill Sergeant – that was leaked over a month ago – had barely appeared on people’s screens in the Item Shop before disappearing.

Firstly, the Grill Sergeant skin – when purchased – has been appearing to players as a default skin when they wait in the lobby and have the skin equipped.

Secondly, fans have sent us their photos of the skin only appearing as a floating Jonesy head and weapon when they use the skin in-game.

Image sent to us by @TehKoalaa

The skin hasn’t just been removed from the Item Shop after only 6 hours, however – it’s also being removed from players lockers with their v-bucks not being returned.

Image sent to us by @NeoStalnacke1

There are multiple reasons why the Grill Sergeant skin may have been removed from the Item Shop.

It may have not been intended to be added at all, and the developers accidentally added the skin into the Item Shop before hastily rushing to remove it. This could be backed up from the skin not showing for some players at all since the Item Shop updated.

Although there is a low chance that is the case – the more likely case is that the skin was incredibly broken to players and Epic Games had to recall the skin and replace it with another while working to fix it.

Of course, the locker removal is most likely temporary to stop players abusing the exploits of the broken cosmetic. So, don’t worry – you’ll probably get the skin re-added to your lockers at some point, or your V-Bucks refunded. If not, contact Epic Games support.