Since the Ice King brought snow to the Fortnite map in the beginning of Season 7, Greasy Grove has been frozen over.

Some rooftops stick out above the ice but almost all of the once-loved landing spot is completely inaccessible.

A new glitch lets a player use replay mode to jump underneath the ice and see what remains of the old Greasy.

How Greasy Grove looks under ice lake from r/FortNiteBR

In the clip, you can see three vending machines and one has a Blue Minigun in it. Obviously, that isn’t a reality as miniguns only come in Epic and Legendary.

Blue miniguns have been appearing in vending machines in replay modes for almost a year now, so it is safe to say it is just being used a placeholder and isn’t a sign of something more to come.

All three vending machines having the same item just helps prove that theory.

Moving around the location we can see some cars and the main bus suspended in the ice but most of the location we can see looks similar to what it did pre-freeze.

Ultimately Greasy as a whole will probably never come back in the same form it was before it was frozen. Few of the surrounding houses remain and the one we can see is just a roof with no walls to be seen.

In the Reddit comments a user proposed bringing Greasy back but renaming it Glacial Grove.

That would be a good compromise to have the location be a destination again while not going completely back to what it used to look like.

As we all know, Epic doesn’t like to revert the changes they have made. (Sorry I had too)

It would be cool to see some sort of ice/Greasy combo that actually puts the chests back and gives the area another reason to drop in besides just emoting while sliding across the lake.

Would you drop into Glacial Grove if it ever became a spot in Fortnite?

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