Drake has one of the largest Instagram accounts in the world so when he posted a photo of a Fortnite stream, people took notice.

But the photo wasn’t of Ninja, who Drake duoed with with the world watching.

No it was of GrandmaTeets, a relatively unknown player who is apparently actually friends with Drake.

Credit: Drake’s Instagram Story

So who is GrandmaTeets?

They are a Fortnite player who has placed fairly highly in multiple World Cup events.

Their highest placement to date is ninth in Week 8 of the duo World Cup qualifiers while they were playing with Deez, their partner for Friday Fortnite.

Despite having an association with Drake, he wouldn’t have the clout to get into the event himself.

His Twitter has 332 followers and his YouTube has just over 600. Drake could sneeze and he would send out more followers than that.

His Instagram provides a bit more clarity as he has not one but two photos with Drake among a smattering of Fortnite clips and World Cup placements.

How they actually know each other isn’t clear. But they clearly are close enough that they have spent time together multiple times and Drake is taking time out of his busy schedule to watch him compete in Friday Fortnite.

It will be interesting to see if the rest of his channels begin to blow up. After all, he is a talented Fortnite player who is connected to Drake, that’s more than most Fortnite channels can say.

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