Epic Games has officially activated the Going Green Limited Time Mode in Fortnite to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

The Going Green Duos playlist is now active for a limited time. This playlist features strictly Uncommon loot from chests, similar to the Solid Gold LTM.

It is not-yet known how long the Going Green Limited Time Mode will be active. St. Patrick’s Day takes place on Sunday, March 17th, however the LTM is likely to last longer than a single day.

Going Green

Classic Battle Royale with a St. Paddy’s day twist – all loot from chests is Uncommon (Green)! only the Buried Treasure item provides rarer loot.

Alongside Going Green, the Team Rumble LTM has recently replaced the Disco Domination LTM for the time being.

What are your thoughts on the current Limited Time Mode lineup? Would you like to see the Going Green LTM return outside of green-related holidays?

Just after this post went live, Epic Games announced a new weapon coming soon to Fortnite – the Flintlock Pistol!

This weapon features an Uncommon rarity variant and is expected to be featured in the Going Green LTM.

What are your predictions for the viability of the Flintlock Pistol? Epic Games has yet to announce if the Going Green LTM will be available for its launch to give players a better chance of trying it out.

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