Dakotaz discovers strangest ever Fortnite building glitch

Popular Fortnite streamer Brett ‘dakotaz’ Hoffman stumbled across a bizarre building glitch which left a player floating in mid-air.

Fortnite fall damage bug is killing players

Players are taking fall damage when jumping off of a zipline and into the water. You have been warned.

These Fortnite tips help you carry extra items

There are two ways to carry extra items in Fortnite. One involves a Harpoon Gun and the other is the result of an exploit.

How to make an unbreakable floor trap in Fortnite

In the world of Fortnite, players have to take any advantage they can get and that includes creating an invincible floor trap.

A second Fortnite fall damage glitch has been found

There are now two ways to avoid taking fall damage in Fortnite. One player recently revealed a new fall damage glitch.

Beware: Fortnite snipers are completely broken

Have you been wondering where your Fortnite sniper shots are going? Well, this bug might give you an answer.
Fortnite Junk Rift Supply Drop

Epic responds to Fortnite Supply Drop bug

Some Fortnite players have experienced a peculiar Supply Drop bug that leaves them without any loot. Epic has responded to these complaints.

New Fortnite exploit allows you to see through walls

We've seen a lot of Fortnite exploits come and go, but this one is on another level. You can now create invisible walls in Fortnite.

Under-used strategy lets you build through walls in Fortnite

In the box-fighting meta of Fortnite, any exploit you can use to gain an advantage is fair game. This Fortnite strategy lets you build a ramp through an opponent's wall.

When will the Bandage Bazooka return to Fortnite?

The Bandage Bazooka has been missing in Fortnite for about a week and a half. When will it be coming back?