Fortnite Trap glitch is back in v11.40

Trap glitches have been a recurring bug in Fortnite. They've reared their ugly heads again in the v11.40 patch.

Epic responds to Fortnite editing issue

Fortnite players are having an issue when they edit while looking straight down. Epic has responded.

UPDATED: You can now shoot through wooden ramps in Fortnite

A new Fortnite v11.40 glitch allows players to shoot through ramps. Is it really a glitch?
Fortnite Mobile Controller Support

How to reset edits faster on a controller in Fortnite

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Another Fortnite bug has reared its ugly head. This time, it's sending players under the map.

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Fortnite pro makes unbelievable early-game save

Fortnite pro Kreo pulls off a legendary save during the Winter Royale with the help of a bugged mechanic.

New Fortnite high-ground retake strategy ft. the boat

This Fortnite exploit allows you to gain high-ground in seconds. All you need is a boat.
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Fortnite exploit gives you unlimited Snowmen

This Fortnite exploit allows you to throw as many Snowmen as you want.