Fortnite’s Season X marked the addition of a new vehicle that is widely considered one of the most powerful additions to the game.

The BRUTE allows one player to drive a mech with 1000 added health and stomp opponents while another player can take control of missiles and a massive gun.

In all, the BRUTE mech adds way more shield than anything that Fortnite has ever seen and unprecedented firepower with something that also brings mobility.

It’s been fairly consistently attacked by the community, streamers and pro players alike. And that was before all the glitches were found.

Myth and 72hrs found a way to make the BRUTE jump all the way across the map. That strategy involves getting out of and quickly getting back in which sends the mech jumping across large sections of the map.

While that is clearly unintentional and really strong, this new bug is arguably even better as it makes the mech easier to control while still getting that absurd movement speed.

This exploit was found by E11’s TheFortScientist and it seems easy enough that it should be a fairly common site in Fortnite until it gets patched.

Easy super speed method with the Mech. Different method than Tom/Myth from r/FortniteCompetitive

By allowing you to jump right after using the glitch, movement happens much quicker than in the exploit used by Myth. This one also doesn’t force the user to leave the mech at any point which makes it a much safer option in comparison.

As you can see from the post, it can cause your game to stutter but that’s the risk when using a glitch like that.

If the mechs weren’t already OP enough (and they are) then having added glitches that can be used to exploit them further is just the cherry on top.

Here’s hoping Epic nerfs the BRUTE or vaults it entirely as soon as possible.

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