Fans have been posting to reddit complaining about the bug, and are begging for Epic to fix it.

One reddit user posted a clip from Tfue’s stream that showcases the ‘seizure bug’ that has been plaguing Fortnite Battle Royale.

This seizure bug is the most annoying bug in the game rn from FortNiteBR

CalvinIsNewb’s stream clip shows Tfue in Tilted Towers just East of the clock tower.

He starts to build using brick to gain an angle on an enemy team, however, his game seemingly begins to lag.

His brick ramp was shaking and his character seemed to mimic seizure movement.

Tfue’s aiming became difficult to control and predict, and he started asking what was wrong.

“My screen is ****ing shaking. How can I aim when I am having a ****ing seizure, dude?”

Obviously Epic does not want bugs in Fortnite that affect player’s games.

Several Redditors have claimed that they have had the bug for weeks, but their posts were not upvoted, so the developers were not able the see the complaints.

User Mas_Zeta said that he submitted a video “weeks ago” and it only got three upvotes.

They explained that “The only way to make Epic actually care is upvoting the issues so they prioritize it.”

There are now over 200 comments on CalvinIsNewb’s clip, so hopefully, the post will gain Epic’s attention and they will fix the bug as soon as possible!

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