Polar Peak, the new highest point on the Fortnite map, is hiding a secret fortress.

The top parts of the castle are visible and players can explore around but the real secret is what waits underneath.

First, some people saw in the game files that melting was going to progressively take down the ice and snow around the castle.

The reveal for what is underneath came through a couple glitches.

By flying upside down on a plane’s wing towards the castle YouTuber WolfGaming was able to see the entire outside of the castle, and it’s massive.

So the top two spires that are poking out are only a fraction of the total castle. The courtyard and giant castle promise to be a popular landing spot when the ice clears up as Season 7 progresses.

The outside of the castle is only half the story though. The inside is where the real loot will probably be. Luckily, YouTuber Happy Power has us covered on the inside look by finding a corner that glitches through the floor on replay mode. (Glitch at 1:30ish)

Now here’s a screenshot of just the look through the floor into the new area which appears to be a library.

Screenshot from Happy Power’s video showing an unreachable level of the castle

The progression of the castle will probably be a main focus as Season 7 progresses and we will keep you updated with new glitches and views as they become available.