Fortnite pro Bizzle hates playing against controller players and he wants everyone to know it. He went on a Twitter spree on November 14, telling the world how he feels about them.

The keyboard and mouse vs. controller rivalry rages on. This time, it’s Timothy “Bizzle” Miller weighing in on the issue. Is the aim assist debate played out? Apparently not, for some.

Ghost Bizzle is one of the top Fortnite pros in the world, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in winnings over the past year-plus. His kryptonite? Controller aim assist.

Bizzle went on a bit of a Twitter rant last night, complaining about controller players in his tournament. This was likely in response to the Platform Cash Cups, where controller players on PC play with keyboard and mouse players. If it’s in reference to the general presence of controller players in all tournaments, though, these aren’t “PC tournaments.”

Fortnite is the first game to mix all players into one competitive pool. Controller and KBM players compete against one another for cash and bragging rights. Keyboard and mouse players have every advantage in the book save for one glaring element: aim assist.

Bizzle vs. controller players

Complaining about aim assist is a bit of a meme in Fortnite. The top KBM pros in the game need to practice their aim for hours to hit accurate shots, and feel as though controller players get it for free.

Bizzle is only the latest in a long line of Fortnite pros to complain about dying to a controller player.

Streamer and caster CourageJD responded to the clip above, saying, “LMAO bro cmon man. Aim assist isn’t that bad. Sure, sometimes it pisses us off but you can’t be serious that it’s that bad. You’re one of the best players in the game. Controllers players aren’t some pest that have run rampant. PC players still dominate,” to which Bizzle replied, “Stick to casting.”

Via: Epic Games

It’s understandable for Bizzle and other top players to feel this way about aim assist. They have to practice to have the best aim in Fortnite and feel slighted when a controller player out-blooms them.

The problem, though, is that legions of fans will complain about aim assist as well. These players haven’t put in the same number of hours as people like Bizzle and Tfue, but still, complain when they get killed by a controller player.

NickMercs put it best when the new controller settings came out. If aim assist is so overpowered, then why is there only a small handful of successful Fortnite pros playing on a controller?

(Clip starts at 0:48 for mobile readers)

“If it’s so easy then all of these guys would be on controller.”

Playing with a controller on a PC is one thing, but playing on a console is a completely different animal. Speaking as a console player, we don’t want you guys in our lobbies, either. We have to cross our fingers that the buildings render every game, or hope that a lag spike doesn’t get us killed.

I think that the “controller aimbot” meme is tired at this point – at least people who are serious about it. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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