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Getting knocked in a Phone Booth triggers this bizarre Fortnite bug

Apparently, going down while in a Phone Booth triggers a bizarre Fortnite glitch.



Fortnite Storm China Change

Phone Booths in Fortnite are a relatively innocuous element of Chapter 2 Season 2. They allow you to hide from Henchmen and open locked chests but don’t serve much of a purpose other than that.

These will likely be gone when Season 2 ends and Season 3 begins, which means we only have a few weeks left with them. It’s strange, then, to find a new bug with the Phone Booth so late in their lifecycle.

Reddit user u/iZicknezz posted a video of what happens when you get knocked down while inside of a Phone Booth in Fortnite. It’s a relatively specific bug, so it’s understandable to learn that it hadn’t been widely discovered until now.

Apparently, when you enter a phone booth and get downed by the storm, you enter a strange state that appears to show your character on their knees, praying.

This is a funny glitch and far from game-breaking, but it does appear to permanently affect your character for the rest of the match. The player was still in the “praying” after they got revived.

Bugs like these typically go unaddressed until the season ends and changes everything. It’s not like this will happen to players every game, anyway. The Phone Booth would never save a player from dying to the storm.

Nevertheless, this is a bizarre and silly bug that we’d thought we’d share with you. If you have the healing items, it might be worth going for the win while in this glitched state. If you do it, make sure to tag us on Twitter: @FortniteINTEL.


Fortnite ‘dancing car’ bug gives way to new competitive strategy

Players are already finding a way to us new dancing cars bug/feature to their advantage in Fortnite.



The Fortnite v14.30 update introduced a strange bug into the game that almost all players have now encountered. It’s difficult to even classify this as a bug, as it’s so quirky that Epic could have put it into the game on purpose.

We’re, of course, talking about the “dancing cars” glitch that seems to happen at least every other match. When you enter and exit a car, that car will – sometimes – begin to dance as if it was possessed. In fact, this could be an early Fortnitemares feature – we won’t know until the full update goes through.

Whether this is an intended feature or not, it’s making waves on Fortnite Twitter and Reddit. Clips of players dancing next to a jumping car are around every corner, these days, and competitive players are learning to adapt.

A dancing car is almost always an empty car since player-driven cars don’t react in this way. Because of this fact, players commonly ignore these cars in competitive lobbies.

During a recent stream, Clix and his squad encountered a plethora of dancing cars and decided to use them to their advantage. They sat in the three passenger’s seats and let the car jump while players rotated around them. Even if their opponents wanted to engage them, it would have been very difficult to hit their shots from any kind of distance.

This strategy didn’t work as well as it could’ve for Clix, Bizzle, and Illest, but that was because the dancing car forced them underwater – pushing them out of the car and into harm’s way. Without the water, they could sit there, safely, while all of their opponents used materials to rotate.

The trio stayed safe inside of their cars and saved all of their materials for the next zone. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen players use cars for free rotations, but the dancing effect on the cars makes them even safer. Not only are dancing cars a surefire sign that no one is inside, but the movement makes anyone hiding within them far more difficult to hit.

Again, we won’t know whether or not this is an intended feature until the full release of Fortnitemares. It seems like it could be in the game for the duration of the FNCS, though, so keep an eye out for this new strategy.

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The Midas Flopper inventory bug and how to fix it

The Midas Flopper is causing an inventory glitch in Fortnite. Here’s how to fix it.



Epic changed a lot in Fortnite Season 4 – not the least of which was the fishing system. The first three seasons of Chapter 2 offered three fish to catch. Now, there are dozens.

The rarest fish of the bunch – not counting the Mythic Goldfish – is the Midas Flopper. This Flopper, reportedly, has a 1% spawn rate and can only be found in the waters surrounding The Authority. Players are spending hours in Battle Lab just to find their first one.

The Midas Flopper is one of the most powerful items in the game, as it turns every applicable item in your inventory gold. You even gain a free Legendary Scar or Pump Shotgun if you don’t have one already.

Unfortunately, there’s a bug with the Midas Flopper that has the exact opposite effect. Instead of turning your inventory gold, it removes all of the weapons you’re carrying.

Thankfully, players found a couple of workarounds to fix this bug. You can place a trap on a nearby structure, as you’ll see in the video, below, or pick up another weapon. Both methods fix the bug with the rare Flopper.

This bug is particularly troubling because of the rarity of the Midas Flopper. Known bugs that affect common items also tend to have widely-known workarounds. The Midas Flopper is so rare, though, that even the most dedicated Fornite player might not know about this bug or how to fix it.

Hopefully, you’re reading this guide before catching your first Midas Flopper. It would be quite a shame to have your excitement curbed by watching your whole inventory vanish before your eyes.

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Fortnite Mystique exploit lets you use skins you don’t own

This Fortnite glitch lets you steal rare skins from your friends and keep them for the whole match.



Have you always wanted to play Fortnite as an OG Renegade Raider or Ghoul Trooper? Well, now you have the chance – sort of.

Fortnite YouTuber, Glitch King, recently released a video that shows players how to use Mystiques built-in emote to steal any skin from your friend. Unfortunately, this exploit only works in Creative Mode and Battle Lab.

To complete the glitch, you need to hop into a Creative or Battle Lab game with a friend while wearing the Mystique skin. Keep in mind that you need to complete the “Awakening” challenges first to unlock the required emote.

Once in the match, all you need to do is kill a player, use the Mystique emote to steal the skin, and respawn. After that, you can leave the Creative Island and join any of the others while keeping the skin you stole.

The same glitch works in Battle Lab as well. Here, you just need to kill someone, emote, and return to the hub. After that, shooting players and receiving damage won’t cause you to transform.

This is a relatively innocuous glitch, so we don’t expect a patch any time soon. You can’t use it in regular Fortnite matches, but you can join forces with a friend who has a rare skin to battle people in Creative Fill.

You can also use it to see how you like a particular skin before buying or unlocking it. We don’t expect this to be ban-worthy at all, as it has nothing to do with competitive integrity and is only available in private modes. Hopefully, you find an entertaining use for it.

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