We now have our first look at the brand new Fortnite themed Funko POP!s in the wild — no pun intended.

The POP! figures consist of fan-favourite Battle Royale skins “Rex” and “Tricera Ops” – the first of a possible collection of cosmetics soon to be immortalised as the famous POP! vinyls.

POP! Vinyls are figures made by the company Funko, and are based off of pop culture – such as television shows (The Simpsons, Game of Thrones), movies (Star Wars, Friday the 13th) and even video games (Fortnite, Call of Duty).

People, even us, like to collect these figures – and we’re sure the introduction of Fortnite into the Funko POP! family will bring some good christmas presents this year to families.

You can view the photo, taken by Ninja’s Wife (@JGhosty), below.

As of yet, “Rex” and “Tricera Ops” are the only Fortnite themed Funko POP!s to have been announced, but there could be more on the way after the release of these two figures. It may depend on sales, or it could be a contractual licensing issue. We’ll have to see.

We still do not know when they will officially be found in retail stores, but we’ll keep a look out. For now, what other cosmetics would you like to be transformed into a Funko POP!? Let us know below!