Lazy Lagoon was added into Fortnite: Battle Royale at the beginning of Season 8, which features a humongous pirate ship with a few chest spawns.

Lazy Lagoon took over the spot where The Block used to be, with a shallow lagoon surrounded around a vintage pirate ship that stands dozens of stories high.

There is a chest spawn on top of the crow’s nest on the pirate ship in Lazy Lagoon, however, players will have to either mine their way down the nest or unfortunately fall to their death.

Thanks to a video posted on the FortniteCompetitive subreddit, user InterconnectedKid showed off how to get down from the tippy top of the Pirate Ship’s crows nest quickly without taking damage.

In order for players to get down from the crows nest without damage, they must jump off the nest directly onto the plank off the left-side of the ship.

We were able to go in-game and show you exactly how it is done:

The plank off the side of the ship acts like a diving board, allowing players to spring off the plank after jumping several stories.

This method of getting off the pirate ship makes players a difficult target to hit, and also allows the opportunity to pick off unsuspecting players on or around the pirate ship.

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