Everyone eventually gets into a fight at the edge of the Storm and they get difficult to control in addition to being stressful. This Creative mode map helps you train up for those tense situations.

Edge of storm fights can be extremely stressful encounters as you have juggle a ton of different variable while you fight. Each encounter is slightly and the situation can crop up inconsistently which makes practice spotty at best.

Until now that is. Map creator “xDonny” has with every type of Storm fight you can imagine. The creator boasts of over 960 differing loadouts for each player and includes differing Storm speeds, locations, and more.

StormWars – Skyfall. 960 possible loadouts per player and more! from r/FortniteCompetitive

The map is designed to assist you and your friends in practicing for difficult situations such as end-game fights and storm edge fights. The map allows you to rinse and repeat until you have your tactics down to a science.

You can’t get this type of consistent practice anywhere else. In regular Fortnite matches, you don’t want to risk your game and loot on a strategy that you’ve tried before. Before you know it, you’ll have racked up 10 losses and wasted a lot of time without learning anything.

With this Creative mode map, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can simply reload over and over again. Invite some friends and randoms in to get the game really going.

The map is extremely realistic to the core experience and replicates this Storm fights nearly perfectly. Drop in to Storm fights non-stop and practice an insane combination of different situations.

With some hours put in on “StormWars,” you can markedly improve your chances of winning in Fortnite. Once you have a solid strategy for end-game and edge of Storm fight, you can play much more safely while risking the Storm’s embrace.

The map actually has so much to offer that we have no hope of explaining its vastness here. Hop into the map on your Fortnite device of choice by entering the Island Code: 0930-6031-2210.

You can also support xDonny’s designs by inserting his Creator Code “Donnysc” into the Item Shop.

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