Whack-a-mole challenges have been around in Fortnite for some time now and 14 Days of Summer has just introduced another. In order to complete this task, players need to locate one of the Carnival Clown Boards littered around the map.

Our experience with Everything you need to know about Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer – LTMs, Unvaulted Weapons, and more has been positive and we’ve seen glowing reviews from our readers as well. Epic certainly did a great job planning the content along with giving us enough variety for two weeks of dynamic additions.


Daily challenges can get boring if the objectives are the same each day, but 14 Days delivers unique task every morning. July 5th’s challenge is a combination of a location-based and mini-game challenge.

Locating a Carnival Clown Board in Fortnite

When we first saw the new challenge, we were a little puzzle by what a “Carnival Clown Board” might be. We racked our brains for anything that we’d seen with that decription and then it came to us.

14 Days of Summer added six beach parties around the island with beach umbrellas, sun tanning chairs, grills, and more! One of the objects at each of these parties is the Carnival Clown Board. You can see the locations of all six parties in the map below:

Carnival Clown Board Locations

We usually recommend completing the challenges in Team Rumble, but the current (July 5th) Team Rumble: Lava LTM can be a little troublesome. Instead, go into a Solos match and land at northern Board to attract less attention.

Carnival Clown Board Mini-Game – 14 Days of Summer

Clown Board Whack-a-mole

Once you’ve arrived at the beach party, you’ll be a few short steps away from completing the challenge.

  1. Locate a Beach Party on the map above
  2. Search for the Carnival Clown Board
  3. Activate the Clown Board Mini-Game when in range
  4. Use your pickaxe to pop the inflating balloons
  5. Pop 10 balloons without letting any explode
  6. End the game and the challenge will be completed

Yay! You’ve done it! That’s all there is to this challenge. The only real hard part is knowing what you’re looking for in the first place. Don’t worry, as with other tasks, Epic Games isn’t leaving you empty-handed.

After completing the Clown Board challenge, you’ll be rewarded with the Beachballs Contrail. This skydiving cosmetic spawns massive, multi-colored Beach Balls behind you as you fall towards the ground from the Battle Bus.

Beachballs Contrail

Hopefully, with this guide, you’ll be back to blasting dudes with the new unvaulted weapon in no time flat.

Previous 14 Days of Summer Fortnite Challenges

If you are a little behind on previous challenges, that’s completely fine. We’ve all got real life priorities and sometimes Fortnite must take a backseat. To help you catch up, we’ve included links to every day’s challenge conveniently in the list below.

Each day grants exclusive rewards that cannot be earned once the event is over. We don’t know about you, but we really love to brag to friends about our latest Fortnite cosmetics.

Check back again tomorrow for the next 14 Days of Summer guide along news on the future of Fortnite, leaks, Fortbyte challenges, and more. You can always leave us your feedback in the comments below!