The new ‘The Baller’ vehicle allows players to travel the map at lightning speeds, but this new strategy takes that to a whole new level. We’re going sky high with these rotations.

The Baller allows for quick movements and rotations around the map due to its slingshot mechanics. Simply attach to a surface, boost a bit, and detach yourself as you reach the pinnacle of your speed-hike.

This ordinary movement will already allow you to quickly rotate from zone to zone or fight to fight extremely fast. That’s the point behind Epic’s new Jurassic Park-esque vehicle.

Now, what if you could go higher, faster, and further than you ever thought possible on rotations in Fortnite?

Reddit user “dwarvencactus” shows us a whole new perspective on Fortnite with this absolutely bonkers rotation tactic. All you need is The Baller and a little hot lava action at the The Volcano.

New strat to rotate anywhere on the map! from r/FortniteCompetitive

Alright, down to brass tacks. This trick may look simple, but it actually can be a little…tricky. The timing becomes key when using this long-range rotation feature.

First, find a Baller and drive into the Volcano’s lavafall located on its south side. The substance may look flowing and irregular, but there is no collision with it similar to water. The side of the mountain behind the lava is a completely flat surface.

This makes it perfect for ramping off with The Baller. Now, here comes the tough part.

What a view! – via dwarvencactus

You must attach and boost yourself upwards along the edge of the mountain. Play around with the trick and get the timing down as it can be a little finicky. Remember to detach once you boost upwards at the pinnacle of your jump, otherwise the rope will simply tug you back down.

Once you’ve pulled this off, you will float above the sky majestically like an eagle. Essentially, this trick allows for a secondary Battle Bus redeployment due to the sheer height of the jump.

You can carry yourself using the Glider for up to 4 minutes simply floating around.

This strategy comes in most useful when the Storm begins closing in on the other side of the map ie. the snowy southwest. The jump allows you ample time to loot, explore, gather mats, and then fly away with time to spare.

Keep in mind that the jump can be difficult to pull off on your first try, so give yourself some practice in Playground before attempting this in a regular match.

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